Boutique Surrogacy Agency Experience Vs. Big-Box Agencies

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This is an overview of what you should consider when choosing between a boutique surrogacy agency like us, and a large brand name surrogacy agency.

The large surrogacy agency has hundreds of employees working in siloed teams assigned to surrogate/intended parents. Each team follows a structured hierarchy and are process driven to accommodate the maximum efficiency to process as many deliveries as possible ensuring quotas are met and team bonuses are delivered.

Our boutique surrogacy agency devotes a smaller, select group of experienced individuals (people who have gone through the process themselves) who partner with you to deliver a tailored and incomparable family growth experience. We set limits on the number of deliveries we assist to ensure our surrogates/intended parents are taken care of regardless of the time or day. There are no automated phone machines in our office, you will have our personal cell phones and we are here for you through the entire process whenever you need us.

Communication between the client(s) and the agency is vital to ensuring an exceptional pregnancy experience. As the client, you need to feel confident that you can express your goals, desires, and opinions to the agency. Both our boutique agency and brand name agencies offer this. However, boutiques have more flexibility because they do not adhere to a process driven business model.

It is important that the agency takes the time to discuss ideas with you and clarify any questions you have before choosing becoming a surrogate or intended parent. We limit the number of new pregnancies we take on so that you never feel rushed or pressured to do something that adheres to “best practices”. Everything is custom and tailored to provide you a gratifying experience.

Surrogate/Intended Parents Rights and the Law

The most important thing to consider with a boutique surrogacy agency is their ability to navigate the legal status of intended parents’ rights, which can be disputed. There really is no federal law regarding surrogacy – just a patchwork of state laws. Some state laws are more extensive than others – covering the question of parental rights in a wide variety of situations. Other states have no laws for surrogacy, meaning more potential for disputes. If the surrogate lives in a different jurisdiction than the intended parents (which is more often the case), these potential legal ramifications have to be considered. Wherever the baby is delivered, the law in that state is what applies.

Rocky Mountain Surrogacy specializes in having a well-written – and comprehensive contracts to remove uncertainty. Our legal contracts specify the responsibilities of the parties in multiple scenarios.

Our legal contracts address financial compensation, what will happen if the surrogate has to go on bed rest, what will happen if the surrogate has medical complications, how many embryos the surrogate will carry, if the surrogate has to have genetic testing for the baby, etc. We have an exceptional track record of successful deliveries without legal recourse.

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