Becoming a Surrogate with Rocky Mountain Surrogacy

Becoming a Surrogate is an incredible opportunity to fulfill a family’s dream. As a Surrogate, you have many agencies to choose from. My qualifying process is like most. What’s different about the experience I provide is the undivided attention you receive. Below is a general outline of how my Surrogacy process works.

The First Step: The Application/Consultation

All Surrogacy journies begin with the application and prescreening process. For me, it’s imperative that I ensure all prospective surrogates are physically, mentally, and equally important – emotionally healthy and prepared for this amazing experience. This usually takes between 1-2 Weeks.

The Second Step: Medical Records Aquisition / Health Screening

Once your application is reviewed and accepted, I will call you with confirmation. From there, we will start our medical pre-screening. At this time, we will your medical records based on the information you’ve provided.

The Medical Records review includes, but is not limited to:

OBGYN records
Labor record and delivery records for each previous pregnancy
Recent pap-smear results
Any other pertinent medical information

An important item we need to address is if you identify a primary support person. If you’re married or partnered, will your significant be your support person? There are many reasons for this but we need to have a backup point of contact to ensure you are fully supported.

If you identify as single, we’ll need someone who knows you well and is willing to support you throughout a surrogacy journey. This person must be 21 years or older. They too will need to be prescreened.

During my consultation with you, I genuinely like to know what was your motivation to become a surrogate. I will look to understand your pregnancy history, current support system, family, interpersonal relationships, interests, and your life experiences.

During this time I encourage you to ask me as many questions as you can think of. The more you share your expectations with me, the better I can deliver on an incredible experience. This is an opportunity for you to share with me what EXACTLY you are looking for in becoming a surrogate. This helps us best identify which types of intended parents you will be most comfortable working with.

The Third Step: Pairing of Surrogate with Parents

I give the intended parents the same amount of attention throughout the interview process. I will only pair you with parents that will have the same level of concern, care, and support that I do.

I look to match Surrogates and parents based on state/country legality,
personality, and expectations of termination and multifetal reduction.

Once I’m confident that I’ve found the ideal intended parental match, I set up a meeting (in person or Skype). If this is This allows both Surrogates and intended parents to learn more about each other and establish a relationship.

The Fourth Step: Medical Screening and Legal Contract

Once you have chosen to move forward with your intended parent, I will provide legal contracts to you both. From there, we will arrange your medical screening.

Medical screenings take place at the IVF clinic your intended parents’ have chosen. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet your intended parents. Once the screenings are complete, you are ready for the next big step. In vitro fertilization!

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