LBGTQ+ Parents

Creating families is our passion. We have extensive experience helping LGBTQ+ couples and individuals become parents through Surrogacy. We will help you find the ideal Surrogate based on our understanding of your needs, wants, and preferences.

Different states have different laws. We know what it takes to ensure your rights as a parent are protected. More than likely, this will consist of finding you a Surrogate that resides in a non-archaic state that supports both parents being put on a birth certificate without an adoption.

Our legal team will ensure your parental rights are guarded and upheld. Regardless of whether you acquire a judgment of paternity/maternity, second-parent adoption, or even custody orders, we will provide the insight and guidance for you to choose the solutions that will best protect your family.

What’s included in our program:

A network of fertility clinics

The SPAR Program for HIV+ men

Support and empathy from a dedicated staff

Unique parenthood options tailored to your wants and needs

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