Thank you for considering surrogacy as a way to build your family. We understand the heartaches that you have had to face to reach this decision have been difficult. This was not your first step in building your family but this amazing option can finally bring you your baby!

Rocky Mountain Surrogacy, LLC is committed to treating each case with compassion and respect; our agency would not exist if it wasn’t for your desire to be a parent. All of our staff members are parents themselves or have experienced fertility issues and have been personally touched by surrogacy. This is not just our job, but our passion in life.

Real life does not follow a 9 to 5 schedule; neither do we. We are available 24 hours to assist you and your Surrogate if an emergency arises.This is not a hobby nor is it a second job- we are 100% dedicated to the surrogacy journey.  As with any pregnancy, emotions run high and there can be stressful moments. We will be there whenever we are needed. We offer services we believe are important to making the experience a smooth and enjoyable one.

We offer:

  • Qualified gestational Surrogates, Letter of recommendation from their OB/GYN
  • Scheduled interviews between Surrogates and Intended Parents.
  • Upfront fee estimates — we have no hidden costs.
  • Referral to psychologist for psychological screening.
  • Referral to fertility clinics, if needed.
  • Availability to attend doctor’s appointments, if needed.
  • Transportation assistance and accommodations for those who are out of state.
  • Referral of legal representation by an attorney experienced in surrogacy issues.
  • Help to reduce the stress of contracts.
  • Monthly support meetings for Gestational Carriers and their families. We currently have 3 seperate Surrogacy support areas- Eastern Idaho, The Boise area, and Salt Lake City.
  • Unlimited support.
  • Relaxation Therapy package
  • Continuing relationship with both Intended Parents and Surrogates through out the pregnancy .
  • Continuing Postpartum care 
  • We are there for your carrier when you cannot be.

Throughout the process, questions will arise that can only be answered by those who have personally experienced it. That is why Intended Parents have support from an experienced gestational surrogate and experienced intended parents because no one should ever feel alone during this journey. Having an experienced friend is priceless.