Thank you for considering being a Gestational Surrogate. Those who are capable of carrying a child understand what an amazing blessing it is and want to help those who may not be so fortunate. It is truly the most unselfish gift you and your family could ever give. Plus, it comes with a generous compensation — $30,000 or more! Just for giving the gift of life.

Being a Gestational Surrogate allows you to give a miraculous gift that is not biologically related to you. The eggs used are not yours, which eliminates any biological connections, and thus, any possible difficulties that could arise. Our Surrogates are our pride and joy. We work very closely with our Gestational Carriers, making sure they are fully aware of what it takes to be a Surrogate. This prevents any unnecessary disappointment.

To be a Gestational Carrier, you must:

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 42 years old.
  • Be a non-smoker who maintains a healthy lifestyle. No prior drug or alcohol history
  • Abstain from alcohol and limit caffeine intake during pregnancy.
  • Have a healthy body mass index (height/weight ratio). A BMI of 34 or less
  • Have a history of full-term, healthy pregnancy.
  • Successfully carried at least one child currently in your custody.
  • Be financially stable and in a safe home environment.
  • Not be receiving state assistance.
  • Live in a surrogacy friendly state

Our agency is here to provide you with as much assistance as needed to ensure that you will be a great Carrier. Our services are available 24 hours, making sure you never feel alone in the process. If you still believe that being a Gestational Carrier is the choice for you, contact us for more information!