What is a Gestational Carrier?  Is a woman who undergoes an embryo transfer consisting of an embryo produced by another couple with the intention to give the resulting baby back to the genetic parents.

Do I have to pay anything if I decided to become a Gestional Carrier?  For the most part the answer is no. If you currently have insurance than you will continue to pay your insurance as you normally would. You may have to pick up a prescription but will be reimbursed immediately. The intended parents for all medical testing, fertility procedures, and out of pocket costs pertaining to the surrogacy pregnancy.

Will I have to take shots if I decide to be a Gestational Carrier? Unfortunately yes. But- they are not as bad as you may think. Each fertility clinic has different medical protocols so one clinic may require three different shots while another may just require one. After a few weeks of injecting yourself you will get used to it and it will  become more annoying than anything else. At approximately 9 weeks pregnant you will be able to stop taking these medications.

How many years has Rocky Mountain Surrogacy,llc been in business? Rocky Mountain Surrogacy,LLC opened its doors in 2007 after Tess Draper completed her first surrogacy pregnancy. Since then Rocky Mountain Surrogacy, LLC has been building families around the world including Spain, Australia, London, Canada, Brazil, and numerous states nationally.

What if I do not believe in termination or reduction?  We believe everyone has the right to choose. If you do not feel comfortable terminating then we will match you with a couple that feels the same way. It is not an easy choice to make and if the time comes when one of our carriers has to go through that procedure it will be checked and double checked to make sure that is the only option.

Why choose an agency and why Rocky Mountain Surrogacy,LLC? First off the surrogacy world can be very intimidating. The medical process, the legal steps, and then theres talking about money. Most people feel that talking about money is the elephant in the room. Trying to place a number on your surrogates worth is hard or placing a price tag on your own worth is difficult. That is why agencies are beneficial. They are designed to support both the Intended Parents and the Gestational Carriers. An agency should mediate and negotiate prices and fees if there is a need. This way no feelings are hurt and no damage is done to the relationship between the two parties through out their surrogacy journey.

As for why you should choose to work with Rocky Mountain Surrogacy,LLC there are too many reasons to list. But to name a few….

  • Owned by not a one time Gestational carrier but two time GS.
  • We hold monthly Support group meetings for our local carriers as well as Eastern Idaho and Utah
  • Our surrogates receive unlimited support and gifts through out their pregnancy to show our appreciation
  • We have worked with clinics across the nation and internationally building families
  • We are available 24/7  for emergencies
  • We have reasonable agency fees
  • Often imitated never duplicated
  • Our previous carriers continue to come back and carry with us again!

How do we get started? Whether you are a potential Gestational Carrier or set of Intended Parents the process is easy. Complete an application and send it back to us! You can also request one by emailing us at Rockymtnsurrogacy@live.com