We offer a realistic list of fees and potential costs that you should expect with a surrogacy pregnancy.


We want to provide you with the most honest and accurate information regarding fees as we possibly can. This can be a difficult task because of all the variables that may arise, such as insurance coverage, number of cycles, and clinic fees.

We believe that as your  Surrogacy Agency our job is not to make your journey difficult by having outrageous fees or adding fees that are not necessary. Our agency fee has more services included than other agencies and is thousands less. Rocky Mountain Surrogacy, LLC understands that the surrogacy process is expensive and we do not want the cost of the agency to stand in your way of obtaining a quality Gestational Carrier. An agency fee should never be near the same amount of the Gestational Carriers compensation because our job is so very little compared to the amazing one she is doing.

Full Service Agency Fee * $10500
Sibling project or Matching Fee $5000
Background check * Included
Psych eval and consultation for  Ips and GC’s $500-1000
International Client Fee  $1500
Relaxation Therapy * Included
Monthly Support Group meetings* Included
24/7 suppport for emergencies Included
 Postpartum care   Included
* These service are only included in our full agency package


We Proudly offer a 25% Military Discount! Plus many other discounts! 

First Time Surrogate Compensation $28,000-30000
Previous Carrier Compensation $35,000-40,000
Multiples Fee $5000
Maternity Clothing Fee $500-$750
Incidental (D&C, amnio, reduction,etc) $500
Start injection fee $200
Life Insurance- one time fee $200-$250
Bedrest fee varies
Daycare fee varies
Lost wages varies
Legal Fees $5000



We recommend our attorney who is very familiar with the surrogate process.

We will do everything we can to keep fees and expenses reasonable.